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William Tools Virtual Chamber


William Tools Virtual Chamber

Welcome to William Tools virtual chamber!

We are honorable to introduce our highlight products in 2021

The product list is as follows …

1.  Industrial Torque Multiplier H Type

  •       Useful in narrow space.
  •       Adaptable reaction arm fordifferent sustain points.
  •       Such as walls, adjacent screws, engineering equipment parts and stable platform.

2. Screen Slipping T-Handle Torque Screwdriver

  •       T-shape handle design to operate ergonomically.
  •       Adjustable Torque for meeting different demand.
  •       Able to storage 12 hex bits for easy carry per demand.
  •       Easy-operate mistake proofing locking lever to prevent accidentally danger.
  •       Easy Torque adjustment. fine-scale for torque fine-tuning.
  •       Screen displayed torque value for easy reading.

3. 72T VDE Insulated Ratchet Handle

  •       Durable ratchet head with 72T.
  •       Patented Switch and Quick Release.
  •       Innovative Curved Design.
  •       1000V Insulated.


4. Screen Scale Torque Wrench

  •       Durable ratchet head with 72T.
  •       Japanese type structure.
  •       Adjust ring with secondary scale allows more accurate setting.
  •       Special adjustment ring with smooth fine adjusting operation.
  •       Robust ratchet mechanism for C.W. and C.C.W. operation.
  •       Click type.

5. Cross Tire Torque Wrench

  •       Best tool to fix tire screw.
  •       Ergonomic push button for unlocking and locking the torque.
  •       User could set up the torque value by adjusting rolling bar to different mark position.
  •       Torque value unit can be Nm and lbf ft it fits for most types of tire reparing screws.
  •       C.w. and C.C.W. operation, C.C.W. for loosen screws.
  •       Click type.





6. Rotator Ratchet Handle

  •       60 teeth ratchet mechanism.
  •       Special rotator 2-PC pawl gear design.
  •       One way Ratchet Mechanism.
  •       Go-through square drive design, easy to reverse operating direction.
  •       Special handle-rotating operation design, conducive to use in narrow spaces.
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