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Introduction to Electronic Bulletin Board

William Tools will apply it to:

  1. Visual management in producing schedule.
  2. Decline the atypical condition in the producing line.
  3. Manage the on-site status of order production.
    William tools started the plan and designed it in 2015 and completed it in July 2017. It took around 180 days and effort to establish the picture gallery which was about 6000 pictures for components and completed products. We completed over 90% of our products photo shooting. To prepare the related software and hardware equipment, the average cost was about 2million NT dollar.

The current Electronic Bulletin Board process in:

1. Vehicle dispatching management and employee access control system

2. On-site producing process management

3. Standard operation procedure(SOP) in photo viewing

4. Reminder system of on-site status of order production

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